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Steam Engineering

For over 40 years, Cleopatra's steam generators have been a household name in the market. These electrode
generators are manufactured and tested in Zaandam. The electrode generators operate on the basis
of current conduction by water; this is a precise process where high evaporation (kg/hour)
can be extracted. Ideal for larger steam baths and or situations where the generator is daily
need to put in long hours. Whether you need a 4 kg/h generator or a 45 kg/h one - this
we all have in the standard program.

Cleo Basic (pictured)
- Steam on/off
- Fragrance dosage
- Lighting
- Temperature adjustment by potentiometer
- Error message via LED
Cleo Elite (pictured)
- Steam on/off
- Fragrance dosage
- Lighting
- Temperature setting via TFT display
- All options can be set through the TFT screen
- Cleo Eco mode
- Error message via TFT screen.
- Maintenance function.

- Color therapy: Led strip and spotlights
- Steam Turbo: for dense clouds of steam. By supplying fresh air outside the cabin
the humidity is increased, increasing the possibility of condensation 100%.
- Climate control; this feature removes warm air from the cabin allowing thermals in the
cabin is increased. This allows the steam process to be better balanced. A
and all depends on the ambient temperature, venting and steam room
- Clean Aqua: for hygiene in the cabin - automatic rinsing of the cabin walls after
set time. Regular rinsing of the cabin prevents intensive cleaning
work later, in addition, the cabin remains clean and ready for use during session times.
- Ultrasteam: is there insufficient humidity in the cabin and surroundings? Then it
impossible to make a good steam bath. Through the patented Ultrasteam
technique, we add water droplets to the steam production; this creates a
thick cloud of steam in the cabin.