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Automatic wellness cabin

Do you want to offer extra luxury in your spa or expand your wellness offerings? Then choose an automated wellness cabin from Cleopatra! These automated cabins are a valuable addition to your wellness service. They are fully automated and pre-programmed steam rooms and showers in a luxury cabin. Your clients can enjoy a wonderful wellness program in the cabin. The program is good for the body, muscles and resistance. In addition, various delicious fragrances can be used in the cabins.

Pre-programmed steam rooms

How does the wellness cabin work?

The pre-programmed steam cabin is very popular with businesses that offer wellness facilities. Furthermore, the cabin is fully equipped with LED lighting, steam jets and a shower. At Cleopatra, the steam cabins are custom made to fit your business perfectly. The steam cabins feature a beneficial steam program. Steam is healthy for the lungs. It allows clients to breathe deeper and better. People with asthma or allergies, experience more ease in a steam room. Steam also reduces bronchitis, coughs and colds. This is because the airways become moist. Steam therefore provides relief from various ailments, but above all, ultimate relaxation! Usually a scent is added to the steam. This aromatherapy affects the mood. This allows clients to reduce their stress and become more relaxed. Like the sauna, a steam room is very good for resistance. It also decreases the chance of getting the flu or cold. It is therefore good to alternate hot and cold. Clients can, after a hot steam bath, immediately take a cold shower. The body gets used to temperature differences, making it less likely to catch a cold.
The wellness cabin turns on only when the customer uses it. This can be done by making a payment or pressing a button. On the front is a convenient control panel with payment options. All cabins have soothing color lighting, a pre-programmed program and steam scents. After activating the program, first the lights will come on. Then the cabin will start producing steam. Two customers can sit in the cabin. A fragrance of your choice will also be released. This can be eucalyptus, citrus, rose scent or any other delicious sauna scent. The steaming takes ten to fifteen minutes. Then the lights will start flashing. The shower will then start automatically. This takes about a minute. Once the lights go out, the program is finished.

A wellness cabin from Cleopatra

Cleopatra's wellness cabins are beautifully designed and a true asset to your business. Custom steam cabins can be adapted entirely to your personal preferences. Cleopatra has various luxury versions, such as the Vogue line, the Sedna line and the Hammam line.

Vogue line
Vogue line steam rooms are built by prefabrication. The production time with prefab cabins is a lot shorter. It is also possible to install an automatic program on these cabins. In the factory, these steam rooms are custom built and perfectly finished. Moreover, additional custom options are possible. Think of fragrance modules, LED lighting, sensation steam and ultrasteam.

Sedna line
The Sedna line features cabins with a tileable wall. The comfortable benches are made of acrylic. The additional options mentioned above are also possible with this cabin. This cabin is also the easiest to maintain. The acrylic benches can be easily assembled. Also, these are very hygienic as they are easy and easy to clean.
Hammam line
The Hammam line is completely customized. Everything can be tiled and you can choose the type of tiles. The base can be expanded further, allowing you to add various customized options. So you decide how luxurious you want the cabin to be. Both the Sedna line and the Hammam line can be equipped with different types of luxury tiles. For example, you can choose from white marble, black marble, gold ornaments, various types of natural stone, mosaic or another type of tiling.

Cleopatra's wellness cabins are purely focused on luxury. Your clients will experience the ultimate spa experience. The pre-made cabins are always of the highest quality and will last a very long time. Even professional and intensive use poses no problem.

Want to buy a wellness cabin?

Are you looking for luxury wellness cabins to expand your wellness offerings? Cleopatra is a Dutch manufacturer of luxury and high-quality wellness products such as whirlpoolssaunas and wellness cabins. In addition, Cleopatra specializes in wellness products for professional use. All wellness products are beautifully designed and equipped with various facilities to take your wellness service to a higher level.

Are you interested in one of the luxury automatic wellness cabins? Then be surprised by our versatile offer. Do you have questions about the cabins or the possibilities for your wellness offering? Feel free to contact with us.