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Professional saunas

Ideal sauna for commercial use

To offer your hotel guests or the visitors of your wellness center the best wellness experience, you are looking for a professional sauna. Cleopatra is the specialist you can turn to for saunas for professional use. Here you can think not only of saunas that are custom-made, but of a complete range including steam baths, whirlpools and all the elements needed to give your guests a wonderful and relaxing stay in your hotel, sauna and wellness center or gym. Explore our extensive range and get inspired to find the right sauna for your business.
What do you expect from a sauna for professional use? That depends in part on the purpose you have with the sauna. Do you want to offer your hotel guests the opportunity to relax after an active day of hiking in the area, or meeting during a conference? Then an infrared cabin in the hotel room can be a valuable service. If you have a gym and also offer your members a way to relax their muscles after strenuous exercise, then you might choose a Finnish sauna, for example. Of course, the wellness experience can be made complete with steam baths or bubble baths.

Enhance your wellness space with a luxury sauna

Professional custom saunas

Visiting a wellness space is a total experience. Therefore, it is important that the saunas you have meet the expectations of your visitors. Cleopatra's saunas offer exactly what you are looking for in terms of a luxury sauna. Consider the use of high-quality materials in the doors and benches. The heating elements and heaters are all of high quality and suitable for frequent professional use. The luxurious look is not only determined by the various materials from which the sauna is constructed. The presence of the luxurious steam baths also contribute to this.
For a customized sauna, you have come to the right place at Cleopatra. As a professional sauna builder, we have a complete range of products in house to design a sauna or wellness space that completely suits your business. Cleopatra offers customization, making the saunas adaptable to your personal needs. The various components of the complete sauna can be matched to each other for a uniform and stylish whole. The style you choose contributes to the experience you want to convey to your guests. With the right wood color and lighting, you create not only an atmospheric space, but also a luxurious wellness experience.

Do you want to buy a sauna?

Are you looking for separate sauna cabins for in different hotel rooms or do you want to furnish a complete wellness area with a sauna, steam bath and lounge beds by the pool? At Cleopatra you will find everything you need to offer your guests the ultimate sauna experience.

Cleopatra has been a Dutch manufacturer of luxury and high-quality wellness products such as saunas, steam baths and whirlpools for many years. Check out our website for the versatile range or contact one of our experts to have a customized sauna designed or request a no-obligation quote!