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As a business, you naturally want to distinguish yourself by offering your customers that little bit more in terms of wellness. Whether you own a hotel, sauna complex or gym, you can make a difference by investing in a high-quality infrared cabin from Cleopatra.

For many years, Cleopatra has been a Dutch manufacturer of high-quality wellness products for professional use. Because all products are completely custom-made in our own factory, the possibilities are almost endless. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then read on or have one of our specialists inform you today without any obligation.

Why choose an infrared sauna?

What are the benefits of infrared cabins?

A distinctive feature of an infrared sauna is that you only need to put it into operation at the moment the guests or customers want to use it. This saves you a lot of energy costs, unlike a traditional sauna.

A sauna with infrared is easy to use. Through simple controls, the infrared emitters can be turned on at any time. After finishing the session, the emitters turn off automatically and the light dims. You have nothing to worry about and your guests have definitely enjoyed themselves.

A Finnish sauna is quite different from an infrared sauna. For a complete offering, it is best to offer both types of saunas. The difference between a Finnish sauna or an infrared sauna is mainly in the humidity. Because the humidity and temperature of an infrared sauna are a lot lower than in a Finnish sauna, one can stay in it longer. Because one lasts longer in an infrared cabin, the in-depth effect on the muscles and joints is very optimal. This infrared sauna effect relieves complaints such as muscle pain.

Since all wellness products are manufactured in our own factory, customization and personalization are possible. Depending on your needs, budget and available space, Cleopatra can install a custom infrared sauna. The range covers infrared cabins for 1 person, 2 people up to as many as 30 people. Optionally, the cabins can be equipped with music and colored lighting as desired, contributing to ultimate relaxation and a luxurious wellness experience for your guests.

In addition to the added value to your business already mentioned above, a session in an infrared sauna offers a number of benefits to the user. With regular use, a session in an infrared sauna can be healthy.

The main infrared sauna benefits are:
- It has a soothing and relaxing effect
- It provides relief from rheumatic complaints and fibromyalgia
- It strengthens the immune system
- It provides faster recovery of soured muscles by increasing blood circulation
- It has a purifying effect by removing toxins
- It is good for the skin and can help with eczema, psoriasis and acne, among others
- It can relieve pain and other ailments

Buying an infrared cabin at Cleopatra?

Want to buy a luxury infrared sauna to expand your wellness offerings? Cleopatra is a Dutch manufacturer of luxury and high-quality wellness products such as infrared and traditional saunaswhirlpools and steam baths. In addition, Cleopatra specializes in wellness products for professional use. Be surprised by our versatile range. All wellness products are beautifully designed and equipped with various facilities to take your wellness service to a higher level.

Are you curious about the possibilities of infrared cabins for professional use? Feel free to contact with one of our specialists or make an appointment in our showroom and test room in Zaandam to view or test out various steam baths.