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Dutch producer since 1966

Wellness space

Cleopatra supplies products to create luxury wellness space(s). Whether these are large or small spaces
As for; almost everything at Cleopatra is custom-made in our own factory, so there is almost always a
solution is.
In our range for the professional user we supply: saunas, steam baths, whirlpools,
infrared solutions (cabins or modules) and Spa Lounge Furniture.
Our method: after taking stock of your needs and or visiting our showroom, we will make a
drawing and technical proposal. Once this is approved you can expect a quote from us.
In various applications, the reduction and/or efficient use of energy is important. Since
we develop and manufacture all our products in-house we strive to reduce the running hours of the
equipment (through Eco mode, for example) without the end customer being affected.

Cleopatra pro products are suitable for:
- Hotels
- Bed and breakfast
- Private wellness clubs
- Public saunas and swimming pools
- Cruise Ships
- Luxury wellness for the home