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Dutch producer since 1966

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You can see, feel and test Cleopatra Wellness products yourself in our showroom in Zaandam! We are ready to introduce our products to you and discuss your requirements.

In our test room you can test various Cleopatra whirlpools, a steam cabin and an (infrared) sauna in peace and quiet.

If you wish to use our test room or if you would like to receive custom advice, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance. Please call +31 (0)75 6478200 or mail to sales@cleopatra.nl

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Cleopatra is easy to reach:

By train:
5-minute walk from Zaandam-Kogerveld station and 10-minute walk from Koog Bloemwijk station.

By car:
close to the A8; private parking available.

Oostzijde 295 - 1508 EN - Zaandam - The Netherlands
+31 (0)75 647 82 00