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Dutch producer since 1966



The Saunsation® is an ideal feature for the discerning sauna enthusiast. In addition to a traditional sauna, you can activate four other climate zones at the touch of a button via the display. In short, you turn your sauna into a mulitfunctional cabin.

The Saunsation®'s settings work on the basis of a temperature and humidity sensor. In addition to the traditional oven with stones, the sauna oven for the Saunsation® also has a section with a water tank. By heating the water in the water tank, the humidity in the cabin is increased.

Climate zones

  • Classic sauna
  • Hot air bath
  • Tropical Pool
  • Aromebad
  • Soft steam bath

Optional at Saunsation®

  • Bluetooth music
  • RGB Led color therapy
  • Aromakelk for wonderful fragrances in the sauna cabin

Saunsation® a benefit for body and mind

A regular bath trains your cardiovascular system
and effectively increases your resistance to cold symptoms. The positive effect of a sauna bath on the immune system has already been proven. Our skin, our largest organ, is purified and intensively cared for with nutrients and mineral salts.