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Set up your own online Bath

Use the special finish visualizer to create a bath to your liking. Then stop by the showroom or contact us to make your dream sauna a reality.

Cleopatra Bathtubs

We see the bathroom as the power plant for the residents of the house, where each resident refreshes himself in his own favorite way and gets new energy. We offer the right solution for every bathroom! How do you choose the right bath?

1. Choose which bath best suits your needs and the space available.
2. If desired, consider which whirlpool system is ideal for you.
3. Choose the options and accessories you would like to add.
4. If necessary, make an appointment in our showroom for advice and/or to try out the bath.

The benefits of Cleopatra baths:

- Deep pools and large assortment
- Ergonomically shaped
- Of the highest quality
- Bubble baths & massage baths
- Optional: color lighting, heating, bath rim taps, color parts in special colors.

Our Bathtubs

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