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High-quality steam technology and wellness features of cleopatra

Take a look around our website or put together your own Vogue Line steam room with our visualizer! Feel free to stop by in one showroom to view and discuss everything.

Steam Engineering

Cleopatra produces various high-quality steam generators. Each generator model has different wellness functions (steam, light therapy, higher steam intensity, halotherapy, aroma therapy and more). Each model of generator has its own controls with certain functions and its own appearance.

Conditions for proper operation:

Space above the cabin: For connection of ventilation and lighting, add at least 150 mm to the net height dimension.
Floor & Drain: A small recess is kept under the door of the steam room to allow air to be drawn in. Make sure the floor drains sufficiently to drain shower water.
Natural Venting: Provide vent in roof or high in cabin wall, or mechanical ventilation in low position. Do not place vent above the steam inlet.
Electricity and water: Calculation of the steam generator capacity: cabin length x width x height (max 220 cm) x 1.25. For a steam generator of 3 kW, a 230 V connection is sufficient, from 4.5 kW, 400 V or 2x 230 V is required.
Steam pipe connection: Up to and including 6.0 kW, a 22 mm steam pipe is sufficient for larger capacities (7.5 kW - 9.0 kW etc.) 28 mm is required.

Connections at the generator:

The following are needed at the generator site: water, heat resistant siphon, isolation switch and electrical supply. The water pressure should be normal. In case of hard water it is recommended to install a water softener in front of the steam generator. If an external steam generator is used, the steam pipe from the generator to the steam inlet should be max. 3.5 m.

Our steam technology

Cleo Steam One

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Cleo Steam Smart

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Cleo Steam Deluxe

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Backwall Steam

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Backwall Steam & Shower

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Backwall Steam Special

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Steam Engineering

Cleopatra has been producing high-quality steam technology since the 1970s. With an eye on the latest trends, we are continuously expanding our range and fulfilling the wishes and needs of our customers. In addition, we have a number of key points for our steam baths. They should be easy to install, with minimum maintenance, durable, high insulation value and easy to use. Our range covers cabins from 1 person to as many as 30 people. Custom made with different experience elements such as LED RGB lighting, fragrance dosing, wellness shower and relaxation cushions. See now which steam generator gives you the real wellness feeling.

Steam generator for steam room

For a steam bath, you need a steam generator. These steam generators create a high humidity and temperature in the cabin and the temperature rises to 40 to 50 degrees. The humidity and heat causes your pores to open. This firmly cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple after a steam session. In addition to its good properties for the skin, a steam technique is also good for people who suffer from allergies. The high humidity of the air causes the airways to open up. This means that a steam generator for steam rooms can provide relief from asthma, coughing or bronchitis, among other things. Halotherapy at home? Feel free to contact us and we can help you find the best steam generator for you.

Steam generator shower

In addition to a steam bath, we also offer steam showers. Like a steam room, the shower also contains a steam generator. The steam showers, however, are laid out somewhat differently. For example, they have a shower head and a standing area in the middle with benches around it. So you can choose to take a normal shower or a steam session. The steam generator for a shower is available from us on the website. See which steam technology suits you best.

Buy steam technology

With a wide variety of steam techniques, we always have a Cleopatra steam generator that fits your personal preferences. Do you still have questions or would you like to request a quotation? Then feel free to contact one of our experts.