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Saunas of Cleopatra

A home sauna is the epitome of luxury and ultimate enjoyment. A wonderful relaxing sauna session in the comfort of your own home or garden. The right products and Cleopatra's expertise ensure that the home sauna will exceed your expectations. Feel free to drop by our showroom in Zaandam to admire and try out the various saunas!

Luxury sauna

When it comes to luxury saunas, you have come to the right place at Cleopatra. The beautiful designs fit perfectly with the rest of the interior. In addition, we offer you the luxury of having your sauna made to measure. This allows you to install a sauna in both small and large spaces. In addition to customization, we are also constantly keeping up with the latest trends. Therefore, our saunas are of the finest materials and most luxurious styles. Check out our made luxury bathrooms with sauna now.

Our Saunas

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Club Line

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Serano Line

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Tanami Line

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Savannah Line

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Kelo Line

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Luxury wellness bathroom

Sauna made to measure

You can turn your bathroom into a place of complete relaxation. Transform your bathroom into a complete spa with our luxurious saunas. Lover of marble? Our steam baths can be built with the finest materials. In addition, you can make the infrared saunas come to life in any color. Enjoy many moments in your own luxury wellness bathroom now.
Our custom-made saunas make it easy to create a suitable cabin in any space. As a result, no space is wasted on a luxury sauna for the home and you can design it exactly the way you want. Think of the color of wood, type of lamps and the position in which you want to sit or lie. This way you can experience the ultimate wellness feeling in your own home.

Sauna at home

Buy luxury sauna

Bring the wellness feeling into your home with one of our luxury saunas. This will always give you a place in your home where you can completely unwind. With a wide variety of saunas you can find exactly the one that suits your personal preferences. Think for example of an infrared sauna, Finnish sauna or steam bath. With the beautiful designs you can create a luxury spa in your home.
Would you like to buy a luxury sauna? Cleopatra has been a provider of the finest saunas for many years. Regardless of the location and type of sauna, we always make sure that we can fulfill your wishes and needs. Do you have any questions or would you like to request a quotation? Then feel free to contact one of our experts and soon have your own sauna in your luxury bathroom.
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