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Steam Technology Installation Checklist

Booth placement checklist

  • -Read the installation manual of the cabin this can be found online.
  • Sizes indicated are minimum net cab sizes and subject to tolerances.
  • Due to tolerances, before installing the cab, allow for approximately 100 mm around the net cab dimensions.
  • Check for adequate space for faucets and piping.
  • For connection of venting and lighting, add at least 100 - 150 mm to the net height dimension.
  • Have the installer determine beforehand whether the capacity of your hot water supply is sufficient. This applies with regard to pressure and water quantity, especially in connection with side showers.
  • The electrical supply should be within 1 meter of the steam technology. - The power supply: for a steam generator from 6.0 kW upwards, a 400 Volt connection is necessary. For 3kW a 230 Volt connection is sufficient, 4.5 kW can be connected to a 400V or 2 x 230V connection. Make sure that a work switch is always present.
  • If you selected the fragrance dust dosing option: The fragrance dust connector mounts in the portion of the steam line that runs down the slope to the steam inlet, in an accessible location. This allows the fragrance dust to never enter the steam generator.

Steam Engineering

Steam production is controlled by means of the steam unit placed outside the cabin. This means that a space must be made available where the steam unit and related technology is placed (length of the steam pipe can be up to 3.5 m). This space should always be accessible. Of course, the complete technique is equipped with all necessary safety devices; always read the manual before installation these can be downloaded online.

Installation Facilities

  • The steam shower can be installed as:
  • There is a connection for hot and cold water in the room.
  • There is a shower-water drain.
  • There is venting for natural ventilation/mechanical.
  • Provide level floors and walls. - In the case of a construction booth, insulate the walls.
  • A 230V or 400V electricity connection is present behind a work switch.
  • A heat-resistant drain is present in the steam technology installation room.


All Cleopatra wellness cabins come standard with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.