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Dutch producer since 1966

Modular steam; your own steam room of Cleopatra

Take a look around our website or put together your own Vogue Line steam room with our visualizer! Feel free to stop by in one showroom to view and discuss everything.

Modular steam

By Modular Steam we mean: all the elements you need to create a structural steam bath. In addition to steam technology, you can apply the following elements to create a beautiful steam room: door, window, bench and roof.

Advantages of a steam bath

Ultimate relaxation is achieved by stimulating all your senses. In a Cleopatra steam shower, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, massage, music and steam come together and you experience a moment of 'ultimate relaxation'. Afterwards, you will feel energetic and vital. A steam session revitalizes; it strengthens your immune system, has a beneficial effect on the muscles and blood vessels and restores the natural moisture balance of the skin.
In addition, because a steam shower is an enclosed space, your bathroom stays dry. Ideal if you want to use the mirror after steaming or showering. Because the bathroom remains dry, you also increase the lifespan of your bathroom. The steam shower is also ideal if you want to make your bathroom and master bedroom one.

Our Modular Steam Products

Spa Comfort

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Acrylic benches

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Tileable benches

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Steam bath roofs

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Full Glass Doors & Windows

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M1 Doors & Windows

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Glass Shapes

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