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Dutch producer since 1966

A beautiful Infrared sauna
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Cleopatra Infrared Saunas

Luxury infrared cabins from Cleopatra. Whether you are looking for a standard size or a custom-made solution, a lot is possible. You can operate the LED lighting, the radiators and the music using an attractive control panel. Relax completely in these beautiful cabins.

Infrared radiation penetrates the top layer of skin without heating the skin. The effect is depth heat, which is absorbed by the body. The blood circulation increases, the skin circulates better. Blood vessels in the underlying fatty tissue absorb the in-depth heat, widen, and in this way ensure better blood flow to the fatty tissue. In addition, these radiators give off their full power immediately so you do not have to wait; in addition, the intensity of the radiation is infinitely adjustable.

The fatty acids stored in the fat cells are dissolved and disappear from the body via the lymphatic system. In short, all kinds of waste products leave the body. The heart rate increases slightly, creating a passive fitness training. Similar to a warm-up, which can prevent sports injuries.

Our Infrared Cabins

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Cleo IR Cabin model 140 C

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Infrared radiation explained

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About infrared saunas

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Our infrared cabins

Fully relax in one of our infrared cabins. The cabins come in various standard sizes, but also customized. A unique design to match the rest of your interior. Besides that an infrared sauna gives a feeling of wellness in your home, infrared also has a good effect on your muscles. The infrared radiation penetrates your skin without burning the upper skin layer. The heat is the body set in motion to remove all kinds of waste from the body. In addition, sports injuries can be prevented by the heat radiation of the sauna. Find out now which luxurious infrared sauna for home use suits you best and let your body relax immediately.

Infrared sauna for home

The pleasure during a wellness day, but in your home. Our infrared saunas bring the peace in your home that you were looking for. Wonderful after exercise to let your muscles relax or after a long day of work to clear your head. Our infrared cabins can be custom made. This means that even small spaces can be equipped with an infrared sauna. In addition, the sauna comes with a control panel that allows you to operate the LED lighting, the radiators and the music. Now make an infrared sauna complete according to your wishes and needs through our expertise.

Infrared cabin benefits

There are several known infrared sauna benefits. Among other things, the blood circulation increases which leads to better blood flow in the skin. In addition, the fatty acids stored in the fat cells are dissolved and disappear from the body via the lymphatic system. An IR sauna also causes an accelerated heartbeat. This causes the body to go into a passive fitness workout. You can also think of this as a good warm up. This ensures that sports injuries can be prevented. An infrared sauna is healthy for your mind and body.

Buy infrared sauna?

Cleopatra is a Dutch manufacturer of luxury & high-quality wellness products such as whirlpools, saunas and steam rooms. For years, we have been making people happy with our custom-made saunas, among other things. Would you like to buy an infrared sauna or request a quote? Then feel free to contact one of our experts.