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Color therapy


Color therapy is also called chromotherapy. It is used
made from the healing energy of colors to enhance the body, mind and
soul in balance.
Setting the color lighting is easy. You can choose a color
or for automatically rotating the colors. There is also the possibility of
dim the lights or put them in white light mode.

Meaning of the colors

  • Red is a warm color and represents love, as well as courage, decisiveness and danger.
  • Orange represents stimulation, richness and cheerfulness. In color therapy orange affects circulation and metabolism.
  • Yellow is a sunny and happy color. This energy point is all about joy, energy, self-esteem, control and power to make your wishes come true.
  • Green is the color for for peace, happiness, purity and harmony. In color therapy, green is a healing color and provides balance in the body.
  • Blue stands for safety, creativity, reliability and tranquility. It could work positively on insomnia, stress and anxiety.
  • Purple represents wealth, luxury, wisdom and spirituality. In color therapy, this spiritual color is the color of self-respect, hope and dignity.