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Dutch producer since 1966

Enjoy the perfect shower experience under your own wellness shower.

Take a look around our website or feel free to stop by in one showroom to see and discuss everything.

Cleopatra's Wellness Shower

The Wellness Shower can be connected to different brands of faucets and showers. Via the Shower Deluxe control, the different showers can be activated. The number of showers determines how many users are required on the Wellness Shower. If you prefer a roof shower and side showers, one 4 users is sufficient. If you want to control several showers (hand, side and roof shower), then the 6, or 8 user is probably preferable. Make sure that the pressure and amount of water (flow rate) is known in advance and that the water system is set up accordingly. The Wellness Shower always requires a separate thermostatic valve.

Warm up function
This function is for flushing the piping system for 60 seconds, flushing the cold water in the pipes out of the piping system.

The fan is built into a tube and connected via the Wellness Shower controller; thus you can automatically control the extraction of condensation via the display.

Cold water
This feature provides instant cold water through one of the connected showers. This allows you to immediately enjoy a wonderful cold shower.
Other features
The following showers can be controlled via the display.
- Roof shower (up to 3 jet types)
- Side shower (left separate from right)
- Hand shower

Color therapy
Lighting spots for in the roof or an LED strip for in the wall, a niche or under a bench. These lights are easily operated via the Shower Deluxe controller. Automatic rotation of colors, dimming and white light mode.

Sound module
Play your favorite music while in the shower. Simply connect via bluetooth to then control volume, playback and song selection via the display. The speakers are waterproof and can be placed in the roof.

Shower roof
In the shower roof, the various options can be installed ex-factory. Also, the roof can be delivered in different RAL colors. The roof is delivered including finishing strips and mounting material.

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