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Dutch producer since 1966

Revival session Löyly

A Finnish tradition

Löyly, aufguss or opgieten; different name for the same phenomenon: pouring water and fragrance on the sauna furnace.

At a temperature of +/- 85 0 C, the sauna oven is switched off. Because the sauna stones are warm and therefore give off radiant heat, this offers the possibility for a wonderful infusion session. By casting up, you experience a direct increase in humidity. The Finnish word Löyly translated means "Hot wind"; and that is exactly what you feel during the infusion session.

Sauna Deluxe Operation

On the sauna Deluxe controls, we have put this "Löyly" experience as a preset on the display for you.

  1.  By activating the Löyly function, the sauna oven will start doing its job until the set temperature is reached.
  2. When the set temperature is reached, the sauna oven will switch off and then you can start the sauna session.
  3. At about 750C, the sauna oven will turn on again and the cycle repeats again.

Depending on the amount of water poured, the sensation temperature in the sauna cabin varies.