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Dutch producer since 1966

Comfortable seating for in and around your wellness room

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Spa furniture from Cleopatra

Spa furniture is a collection of seating and lounging elements that consist of coated soft foam. Permanently flexible, soft and easy to maintain. Cushions, poufs, chairs and lounge beds for use in (professional) steam baths, showers and wellness areas. Available in various colors; if you wish a different color, please specify a RAL color.

Available in 4 RAL colors as standard.
Other RAL colors on request.
Permanently soft for optimal comfort.
Made of polyurethane coated soft foam.
Antibacterial and resistant to water and moisture.
Easy maintenance; clean with water and cloth.
Spa loungers and cushions for use in (professional) steam rooms, showers and wellness areas.

Our Spa furniture products

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