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Relax in your own Hamam of cleopatra

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Hamams of Cleopatra

Hamam's - also called Turkish and/or oriental steam baths, is a place where people can wash, relax and also has a social function. The Hamam developed from the bathhouses and thermal baths of the Roman and Byzantine Empires. A traditional Hamam consists of three rooms connected to each other: a hot room (caldarium), a warm room (tepidarium) and a cool room (frigidarium).

The hot room, the steam room, is for sweating in the steam and for undergoing exfoliation and foam massages. The hot room is used for washing with water and soap and the cool room, the current relaxation room, is there to relax, get dressed, have a refreshing drink or tea and if available, take a nap after the massage in a private cubicle.
Cleopatra's Hamams have all integrated the above functions: one can steam, relax and shower in the same room.

The Cleopatra Hamam's are made of modular panels, which provides ease of installation. It is unique because it is customizable on several facets: the color, the benches, the types of door and of course the dimensions are customizable. You also choose the lighting and the possible shower options.

The Cleopatra Hamam was developed with the professional user in mind: the cabin is durable, easy to maintain and safe for the user.

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