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Dutch producer since 1966

High quality professional steam technology of cleopatra

Take a look around our website or put together your own Vogue Line steam room with our visualizer! Feel free to stop by in one showroom to view and discuss everything.

Steam technology PRO

Cleopatra is a Dutch manufacturer of high-quality electrode humidifiers for the air conditioning industry and steam bath generators for wellness applications. As a result, customers always have access to a stock of spare parts.
Cleopatra supplies various market sectors in and outside Europe and has a network of high-quality distributors. At Cleopatra, products are developed by a team of experienced and creative engineers. Employees with many years of experience produce according to strict quality control.

Our steam technology PRO

Cleo Easy Pro

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Cleo Basic Pro

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Cleo Total Pro

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Cleo Elite Pro

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Ultrasteam Pro

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Cleo Vital Pro

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