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Infrared radiators


Infrared radiation is a component of light. It is all around us,
only we cannot see it. We can, however, feel it, namely as warmth.
Infrared makes sunlight on our skin feel like warmth. The emitters in a
infrared sauna actually work the same way. Regular use
of your infrared cabin is absolutely safe. There is no restriction and you can
use it as often as you want. Even if you have a few times a week
wish to undergo a quick, intense infrared session, a cabin with
these so-called therapeutic Full Spectrum lamps an excellent choice.

Combine with a sauna

An infrared cabin can also be combined with a sauna. The emitters
work independently of the sauna heater. A major advantage of the infrared
emitters is that they give off their full power immediately; therefore, you do not need to
wait for the cabin to warm up.

Operating infrared emitters

With multiple infrared emitters, it is possible to divide them into 2 zones.
In addition, it is possible to control the intensity of the emitters by zone.
Dimming the emitters can be pleasant if you find the intensity too high or
find too low. The output of a radiator is 500 watts.

Features infrared emitters

Cleopatra's infrared emitters use both IR-A, IR-B and IR-C. These emitters are therefore also referred to as full-spectrum emitters. In fact, they consist of 27% of short-wave radiation (IR-A), 58% of medium-wave (IR-B) and 15% of long-wave infrared radiation (IR-C). Due to the higher core temperature in the emitter, based on halogen technology, we talk about depth heat.

Full spectrum emitters are recognizable because the emitters glow red in color (similar to the red lamp of old). To reduce the light to a pleasant amount, a specially manufactured ceramic glass called a robax filter is used. This Robax filter promotes an even distribution of infrared energy over the body.

Because a full spectrum cabin does not need to be warmed up beforehand and mainly gives off depth effect, it is mainly used by people with complaints and discomforts where depth heat is required. These include muscle and joint pains, such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis, arthritis and fibromyalgia.