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Sauna installation checklist

Engineering room

Keep in mind that the relay box and controls of the sauna and infrared cabin must always remain accessible. Place them in a technical room or, for example, behind a service hatch on top of the cabin.

Floor & Drainage

A small recess is kept under the door of the sauna to draw in air. Do not place a drain in a sauna room; heat will dry up the drain. Make sure the floor is level; an uneven floor will result in dimensional deviations.

Required technical provisions

The technical facilities vary from sauna to sauna and infrared cabin. When quoting/ordering, all required facilities are specified.

Electrical supply

Calculation power of sauna heater: cabin length x width x height x 1.25.

For a sauna heater up to of 3.6 kW, a 230V connection is sufficient. From 4.5 kW upwards, 400V or 2 x 230V is required. Depending on the chosen heater and lighting, it must be determined whether the lighting is controlled by the sauna heater or whether a second power supply is necessary for the lighting. A working switch must always be present. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Hygiene and maintenance

Using a towel will prevent sweat drops from falling onto your benches. To preserve your stove: with regular private use, replace your sauna stones every few years, don't stuff them in the stove and don't put a pile high up on the stove.


With normal private use 2 years on the cabin excluding glass door/windows and lamps. Sauna heater and electronics 2 years, except the heating elements, as their lifespan is highly dependent on how the heater is handled.