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Use the special finish visualizer to create a bath to your liking. Then stop by the showroom or contact us to make your dream whirlpool bath a reality.

Cleopatra bubble baths

The whirlpools or in the vernacular whirlpools of Cleopatra have a long history. They can be found in countless hotels and private homes even far beyond the country's borders. Cleopatra was one of the first companies to whirlpool systems produced in large numbers in Europe. To this day, the whirlpool systems are expertly assembled under the baths and tested in the factory in Zaandam. You can try out the baths and whirlpool systems in our showroom so that you can make the best choice.

You can choose from 4 different systems, each with unique features. The systems come standard with a number of basic functions and these can be further expanded with options and accessories (depending on the system and bath type).
Comfort whirlpool system: easy-to-use system, air (spa), water (hydro) or a combination of these two systems.

Deluxe whirlpool system: luxury system, air (spa), water (hydro) or a combination of these two systems. Equipped with a luxury glass display.

Extreme body & back whirlpool system: unique unparalleled systems aimed at Total Body massage or Back massage. The strength of the water jets and zones can be adjusted in an instant. Also unique to this system is that water also comes from the bottom of the bath.

Oxynation O2: New system where oxygenated water is created. Your skin is pampered with a large dose of oxygen. The result is intensive cleansing and regeneration of the skin.

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