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Power of ergonomics

Cleopatra's ergonomic baths have been meticulously designed to bring together optimal comfort and beauty. The result is luxurious baths with supple lines in which one can lie completely relaxed.Advantages of an ergonomic bath: the entire body (including that of tall people) lies under water (thanks to the depth of 60 cm); the back [...]

Product Description

The ergonomic baths of Cleopatra are meticulously designed to bring optimal comfort and beauty together in one. The result is luxurious baths with smooth lines in which one can lie completely relaxed. 

Benefits of an ergonomic bath:

  • Lies the whole body (also of tall people) under water (thanks to the depth of 60 cm);
  • The back is well supported by a rising handrail;
  • Legs are supported by the bath bottom;
  • You will no longer slump/slide thanks to the seat shape;
  • Can you get up from the bath easily because the bath bottom is raised. 


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An overview of the various bath forms can be found here:


Bathtub quality 

The quality of our bathtubs is of paramount importance at Cleopatra. Your bath will remain beautiful and white for years thanks to the 6 mm layer of acrylic, including the robust bottom reinforcement of the bathtub edges. Therefore, this bath is also suitable for professional use, including in hotels and spas. 

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