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Saunas for the home

A home sauna is the epitome of luxury and ultimate enjoyment. A wonderful relaxing sauna session in the comfort of your own home or garden. The right products and Cleopatra's expertise ensure that the home sauna will exceed your expectations. Feel free to drop by our showroom in Zaandam to admire and try out the various saunas!

Enjoying your own sauna at home

Whether you want the sauna in your bathroom, your bedroom or still the garden shed, with a sauna at home you can enjoy any time undisturbed. The ultimate moment of relaxation after a busy day. You will find the best sauna for your home at Cleopatra. Whether it is an infrared or Finnish sauna for your home, Cleopatra has a versatile range of custom-made saunas for your home, many of which can be personalized.

Our Saunas

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Club Line

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Serano Line

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Tanami Line

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Savannah Line

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Kelo Line

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The benefits of having your own sauna

Sauna assembled at home by our technicians

Besides the many health-related benefits of a regular sauna session, such as expelling toxins, beautiful healthy skin and improved immunity, having your own sauna at home has even more benefits!

This allows you to use the sauna at home whenever you want, without depending on others. Cleopatra only offers custom-made products of high quality, so that your own sauna at home can meet your personal preferences and wishes. Think about the color of wood, the type of lamps and the position in which you want to sit or lie. With the beautiful designs, you can create a luxurious wellness atmosphere in your home in one fell swoop. Also, a relatively small home sauna is quicker to heat up.

After the sauna is designed entirely to your requirements, it is made in our own factory. After this, it is installed at your home by our experienced fitters. Installation of the saunas is easy and consists mainly of assembling all the components. Our customers are pleased with the fact that the sauna can be installed within one day. This allows you to quickly enjoy your own sauna at home!

Do you want to buy a sauna?

Buying a sauna for your home? Cleopatra has been a Dutch manufacturer of luxury and high-quality wellness products such as saunas, steam baths and whirlpools for many years. Be surprised by our versatile range! Do you have any questions about a sauna at home or would you like a no-obligation quotation? Then feel free to contact one of our experts.

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