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Do you want to offer extra luxury in your spa or expand your wellness offerings? Then choose a Cleopatra Whirlpool! Whirlpools for your spa are a valuable addition to your wellness service. They are sophisticated whirlpools with massage jets that can even prevent or relieve muscle pain. Read more about whirlpools from Cleopatra below.

The ideal whirlpool for your business

Different models of whirlpools

Years of experience and the best technology, result in advanced whirlpool systems of high quality. Whether you run a wellness resort, a hotel or a gym, a whirlpool is a valuable addition to your wellness offerings. Offering the beneficial baths in your wellness, relaxing after an intensive workout or whirlpools as a nice addition to the hotel room. In this way, a night in a hotel or a visit to the spa becomes extra special. Thus, for each company there is an individual application of the beautiful baths.

Whirlpools are available in different models. Thus, you can place diverse designs in your spa. Moreover, the baths have various massage techniques. For example, there are whirlpools with hydro massage jets, air massage jets and a combination of air and water massage jets.

Cleopatra whirlpools exude luxury, partly due to the high quality of the products. All whirlpools are custom-made and can therefore be adapted to your desired style. From the shape of the bath to the color and metal finish. Furthermore, you can choose a built-in or freestanding bath. The whirlpools can be personalized to perfection.

At Cleopatra, we distinguish four types of whirlpools, each with unique characteristics.

Comfort whirlpool system: an easy-to-operate system with air (spa) and water (hydro) jets or a combination of these two systems.

Deluxe whirlpool system: a deluxe system with air (spa) and water (hydro) jets or a combination of these two systems. The Deluxe whirlpool system is equipped with a luxurious glass display.

Extreme body & back whirlpool system: unique unmatched systems aimed at massages for the whole body or specifically the back. The beautiful flat jets of the Extreme whirlpools baths are mounted in strategic places so that tension areas can be treated in a targeted manner. The strength of the water jets and zones can be adjusted in no time.

Oxygene O2: a new system in which large amounts of oxygen are pumped into the water, creating oxygen-rich water. This has a positive effect on your skin. The result is an intensive cleansing and renewal of the skin.

In our showroom, you can see which system and finishes best suit your business. Will you opt for a large whirlpool bath, a round or rectangular one? Cleopatra has a large assortment of baths ready for you in the showroom in Zaandam!

Wellness and whirlpools

Do you want to buy whirlpools?

It is well known that whirlpool baths improve circulation and metabolism. Powerful massage jets can additionally address various muscle ailments. You can additionally install various saunas and steam rooms in your spa to expand your wellness offerings.

A combination of various wellness facilities is very good for resistance. Heat and cooling make the body stronger against pathogens. In addition, wellness whirlpools provide stress relief. This is because the body is given time to relax completely. This is good for overall health.

Looking for whirlpools to expand your wellness offerings? Cleopatra is a Dutch manufacturer of luxury and high-quality wellness products such as whirlpools, saunas and steam baths. In addition, Cleopatra specializes in wellness products for professional use. The modern designs are a true eye-catcher. All wellness products are beautifully designed and equipped with various facilities to take your wellness service to a higher level.

Be surprised by our versatile range! Do you have questions about whirlpools or the possibilities for your wellness offerings? Feel free to contact with us.