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Backwall Steam Brain

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Internal steam and wellness generator The Cleopatra BackWall Steam is an installation-friendly system enabling a steam or wellness generator to be installed in the steam cabin in a simple manner. The BackWall consists of an adjustable aluminium frame in which all the steam components have been preinstalled. After connection of water and electricity, the BackWall is ready to be tiled. The [...]
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Product Description

Internal steam and wellness generator

The Cleopatra BackWall Steam is an installation-friendly system that enables you to easily create a steam or wellness generator within the steam room can be mounted.

The BackWall consists of an adjustable aluminum frame where all steam components are pre-assembled. After connection of water and electricity, the BackWall is ready to be tiled. The BackWall can be placed against or flush with the wall. In this way, the steam generator is fully integrated into your steam cabin.

The BackWall features a beautiful service panel with a cover plate made of solid surface. Optionally, the panel can be decorated with a subtle LED strip to create more atmosphere in the steam room.

You choose which steam or wellness generator (Cleo Steam OneCleo Steam Smart, or Cleo Steam Brain) with or without fragrance dosage is placed on the BackWall.

You can find the drawings and more information about the Cleopatra BackWall Steam in the BackWall brochure at the bottom of this product description.

Would you also like a shower in your cabin? Then the BackWall Steam & Shower is perfect for you. Click here For more information.

Steam Generator


With the BackWall, you have a choice of the three high-quality steam generators below. Please note that only generators with a maximum capacity of 6.0kW can be placed on the BackWall.


  • The Cleo Steam One: Offers all the features expected of a modern steam generator. Reliable, simple and easy to maintain. What can you expect from the Steam One?
    • Well controlled steam process through a temperature sensor and safety sensor. As soon as the temperature reaches 48 degrees Celsius, the steam production stops. When the temperature has dropped, the steam production starts again.
    • Easy to operate touch button that controls the following functions: steam on/off, white light on/off, fragrance on/off (if a fragrance dispenser is ordered along). The control can be placed inside or outside the steam bath.


  • The Cleo Steam Smart. The steam generator Cleo Steam Smart is a modern and reliable steam generator suitable for use at home or in the semi-professional steam bath.What does the Cleo Steam Smart offer?
    • Continuous steaming process for an optimal steam bath. Characteristic of the Cleo Steam Smart is the SteamLogic software: through a very accurate measurement of the climate in the cabin, the SteamLogic software searches for the perfect steam curve for your cabin. The result is: (1) achieving the desired climate quickly, (2) a climate that is very stable (unlike most steam generators on the market, there are no moments without steam production in the cabin), and (3) an even steam process.
    • Aesthetics. The Cleo Steam Smart is controlled by the elegant Cleo Touch control, a flat control made of glass with white illuminated symbols. The controller can be placed inside or outside the steam bath. The controller controls the following functions: (1) steam on/off, (2) white or color light on/off, (3) fragrance on/off and adjustable in three steps, and (4) temperature adjustable in three steps.
    • Optional light therapy. The Cleo Steam Smart allows you to control optional color lights. You can have the colors change or pause or a particular color. In this way you can enjoy the many proven physical and psychological effects of different light colors at home (information on this can be found e.g. here).
    • Additional security by means of the safety sensor (in accordance with the latest standards); should the temperature sensor in the cabin be defective, the safety sensor switches off the steam technology.


  • The Cleo Steam Brain: The Cleo Steam Brain delivers total wellness in the steam room. It is not only a very modern steam generator that provides a stable temperature in the cabin but also a generator that offers special wellness functions such as Halotherapy (salt solution in the steam), Cold Therapy (cold mist), Aromatherapy (up to 4 different scents|) and Ultra Steam (very high steam density). The Steam Brain also has super modern and beautiful controls. The Cleo SteamBrain is thus a unique generator intended for those who want access to high-quality and varied wellness experiences and who love beautiful products.

The required power is calculated as follows: Cab length X width x height x 1.25 = required kW.

We are assuming here that the cabin is insulated according to regulations and has an internal height of max. 220 cm. From 4.5 kW power is required.

Technical Specifications

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