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Cleopatra bath Monola 700 L/R

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Ergonomic Monola bath The ergonomic Monola bath was designed to make lying in the bath comfortable. Relaxed and submerged up to your neck, that's certainly possible in the Monola bathtub! In the attractive corner Monola bathtub: the entire body (even tall people) can lie under water; the back is well supported by a special [...]
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Showroom and test room in Zaandam
Dutch producer since 1966

Product Description

Ergonomic bath Monola

The ergonomic bath Monola is designed to make lying in the bath comfortable. Totally relaxed and up to your neck in water, that is certainly possible in the Monola bathtub!

In the beautiful corner bathtub Monola:

  • Lies the whole body (even of big people) under water;
  • The back is well supported by a specially shaped and sloping handrail;
  • Arms and legs are supported;
  • Can you no longer sag/slide thanks to the seat shape;
  • Can you get up from the bath easily because the bottom is raised.

The dimensions of the bathtub are: 1600 x 900 / 600 mm with a depth of no less than 600 mm! The bath is available with a corner left or right. At the bottom of this product description you will find the drawings and assembly instructions of the bath.

Want to see or experience the Monola bathtub? You are welcome in the Cleopatra showroom in Zaandam or at a plumbing store in your neighborhood!

The bathtub comes complete with a bathtub bowl set, frame and the overflow-drain combination.

It is possible to install a bath rim faucet & shower combination. Aesthetic and prevents installation in the walls.


Bathtub quality

The quality of our bathtubs is paramount at Cleopatra. Your bath will remain beautiful and white for years thanks to the 6 mm layer of white acrylic, including the bath rims and the robust reinforcement of the bath base.


Bath accessories

  • Cleofill combination. High quality product in a chrome finish. Instead of a tap spout, the bath is filled via an overflow combination.
  • Bath rim faucets. Top quality bath rim taps from Hansgrohe with the choice of several models. The standard finish is chrome, but other finishes are also possible. The bath tub rim mixers are installed on your bath tub in our factory, so your bath tub is ready for installation!
  • Handle. Beautifully shaped handle in chrome. So you can get in and out of the bath easier and safer!
  • Color Light. High quality bathtub lighting including two LED lights and a control placed on the bathtub rim.
  • Neck pillow. Comfortable pillow that adapts to the shape of your head. Indispensable for bathing fun.
  • Bath oils. Skin-caring, safe for bath acrylic, and available in 7 delicious scents.


Whirlpool system

With a high-quality whirlpool system, your bathtub becomes even more enjoyable.

Technical Specifications

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