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Dutch producer since 1966

Spa Seat Cusco

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SPA SEAT CUSCO The Cleopatra spa pouf Cusco is completely water-resistant, can withstand temperature differences and has therefore been developed for use in the steam cabin, in the shower, in the bathroom or for example around the swimming pool. In short, perfect for your wellness area at home, but also fantastic for the professional environment such as a hotel, gym or public hammam. The spa pouf can be used as a [...]
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Showroom and test room in Zaandam
Dutch producer since 1966

Product Description


The Cleopatraspa poufCusco is completely water resistant, can withstand temperature differences and is therefore designed for use in the steam room, in the shower, in the bathroom or for example around the pool. In short, perfect for your wellness area at home, but also fantastic for the professional environment such as a hotel, gym or public hammam. 

The spa pouf can be used as a seat, as a support for the legs / feet, as a table next to one of the Cleopatra lounge chairs / beds and as a decoration. So this spa pouf is definitely a multifunctional and fun in the wellness area! 

A hard lukewarm/hot jet of water from a hand shower is a good way to clean. If necessary, use a wet cloth to remove stains. Rinse with clean lukewarm/hot water. 



Thespa poufdimensions are: 455 (L) x 400 (W) x 419 (H) mm 

The spa pouf Cusco is available in as many as 3 different colors: White: RAL 9016, Gray: RAL 7042, Anthracite: RAL 7021 



Click here: Spa furniture maintenance advice



Available in other RAL colors upon request; would you like to receive this cushion in a different size? Please contact us.



Spa Furniture coating has some great features, such as:
- Very few chemicals have any effect on the chemical bonding of silicon molecules. This means that almost no material sticks to silicon. Even ballpoint markings can be easily removed from the coating.
- Cold- and heat-resistant. The silicon molecules are stable between -50 and +300 degrees Celsius.
- Silicon is a very skin-friendly product. Most cosmetics such as skin creams, lipsticks, etc. contain silicon
- Silicon is UV resistant
- Silicon is recyclable
- The Spa Furniture products are very comfortable to the touch, soft and very flexible.
- No VOCs are used for the coating process.
- Minor damages can be repaired on site.


Spa furniture coating consists of silicon, the raw material for silicon is sand. Sand is readily available
on the surface of the earth so one need not drill deep into the ground to obtain it, such as
for example, petrochemical-based coatings such as polyurethane. Mining silicon is less
taxing on natural resources. This means that for the production of silicon, less water,
raw materials and energy required compared to PU and PVC products.


In addition to the products in the catalog, it is possible to produce customized products; both in terms of shape
as color. In doing so, we work closely with clients, architects and designers. Together with these
parties we form design ideas into a product, which can be cut by a CNC-controlled
foam cutting machine.
After the foam is cut to the agreed specifications, we can begin coating.
In this process, the coating is manually applied to the open structured piece of foam to create a
create mechanical adhesion to the foam. This coating seals the foam and provides a
flexible and soft leathery skin.


- Durable
- Production process without VOCs
- Water and steam resistant
- Cold and hot resistant
- Easy to clean
- Soft Touch
- UV resistant
- High elasticity and lasting flexibility
- Recyclable
- Customized shape and Color (RAL)


Technical Specifications

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